Click to enlargeTR Hovey Dwarf papaya tree Carica L. Caricaceae plant

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We can send picture of the plants you will receive, just ask. Plants are very healthy 24"+ tall.

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Papaya - Pineapple - Purple Passion fruit Plants TR7 29.95 14.95

Papaya Papaya
Plants are between 4"- 16" tall "They grow fast!!". grown from tissue cultures to a desease free repleca of the mother plant. ‘TR Hovey’ is a dwarf papaya perfect for growing in pots. Papayas need sunny, warm growing conditions and the soil temperature needs to be 65°F or higher. With the right cultural conditions ‘TR Hovey’ will grow quickly and produce ripe fruit in as little as 7 months reaching 6-8' at maturity. Fruit will start developing only 24” from the base of the plant. Plants are 24" plus.

TR7 29.95 14.95